My work comes from a place of inquiry and reflection. Driven by experiences that bring me the most pain and the most joy, I question everything. I utilize both art making and research as modalities to explore where processing feelings intersect with our attempts to understand them. Common themes in my work arise from my struggle with claims of absolute “truth,” thus I seek to challenge the limiting assumptions that restrict the way we experience and the way we reflect upon our experiences.

In my void series each piece is derived from a place of loss. I use the concept of void as a way to communicate absence and our existence within the feeling of absence. For me, complex feelings arise out of multiple encounters with grief, including ambiguous losses, where I struggle to find understanding. The way I represent voids in my work involves a physical process of exclusion, such as a wood panel that is missing the interior section, or a floor installation with portions that are left out. This process parallels my life experience in that it describes my interaction and encounters with loss while attempting to understand something that is absent.

In my current practice, I communicate primarily through large-scale drawings created by repeatedly layering chalk and acrylic washes to form complex layers of visual information. Each layer of information correlates to specific systems, observations, encounters, and/or metaphors. The process of layering multiple drawings on a single surface while simultaneously covering up or losing other portions of the drawings becomes a way for me to compound the ever complex emotions associated with loss, as often I have little control of what I "lose."